Product List
Reusable SPO2 sensor with ext-cable
Disposable SPO2 sensor
Patient monitor ECG cable with leads
ECG/EKG cable with leads
NIBP cuff with tubes
IBP cable
Temperature probe
EKG Electrodes

Junesun International (HK) Limited is a professional & reliable supplier of medical cables´╝îmedical accessories, medical equipmentst.

With manufacturing facilities in China& many years experience in the industry, ,junesun manufactures high quality instruments & accessories for the medical market. We have the capability and flexibility to offer the best products at prices that won't break your budget.. Our product rage is made up of these core offerings: more..

Video Colposcope
ETCO2+SPO2 Patient M
Fingertip Pulse Oxim
Pocket Fetal Doppler
Nellcor Adult Silico
Nellcor Oximax Adult
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